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 Is Right to education  a goal to improve education system or will  it become another looting festival   - Part 1

I would like to share few experiences with you, the statistics provided by the government are far from truth at least on education, upholding the constitutional validity of the”Right to education as the fundamental right” is indeed a welcome step towards betterment of elementary education in the country but there are more questions than answers ,the government education system collapsing beyond repair ,it needs revolutionary push.

Visiting nearby government school would give you first hand information than what media reports. They deprived of proper toilets, no drinking water and the lethargic system welcomes you with closed minds .There are good teachers too who are ready to work for the betterment but they are in minority.

I had a chance of visiting my village high school and I was astonished to see the basic conditions, nothing has improved since my childhood. There are no toilets in the schools open defecation is what pupil are following, lady teachers are visiting nearby houses to attend their nature calls.

Good play ground welcomes you with few trees and reminds you of golden age of school days and the building looked like oldest in the lot and no water connection available, the attender  brings water in a pot don’t ask about the quality of the water  this hasn’t changed since my schooldays. My fundamental question is whether this RTE would improve the basic conditions in government school s? what happened to all schools ,inspite of supreme court order on construction of toilets nothing is moving at the ground level. Even ants can move faster than these Grampanchyats .The system needs greater positive movement.

Everybody talking about 25% quota in private schools but this RTE act also contains improving basic facilities in government schools .By looking at the history of any scheme would make me or you pessimist.

How various schemes are being implemented at the ground level?


There are no basic facilities in the government schools but there are more than 6000 schools in Andhra Pradesh equipped with computers.
1)      There are more than 6000 schools equipped with computers in Andhra Pradesh, seven major companies got contracts..including NIIT,Educom   etc
2)      The cost per school is more than 6,70,000 it includes 10 pcs a generator and internet, software etc it includes total computer lab cost
3)      Other  cost 1,40,000 rs  and also 2 trainers should be available to train students and teachers
4)      The headmaster of the Government school gets 600 pm as cost of diesel for running generator
5)      Every Government school headmaster has 3 bank accounts and the government credits 40000 rs to the Headmaster’s account towards miscellaneous expenditure
6)      More than 12 hrs power cut in villages , it means no power when students are in the schools

The school which I have visited (not only 1 school- I have visited few schools), the computer lab with full of dust and no proper maintenance is evident, there are more than 10 computers available but only 2 CPUs are working properly . I questioned the trainer what about the other CPUS?  he told that they are connected to a server which is 60 km away from that village, how can a system can be connected to a server without CPU that to 60 km away from the computer lab?. There is a big generator but it is not working 

As per the government norms the trainer should be graduate and should have at least PGDCA but this trainer appearing for Bcom 2nd year exams. As per the norms he should be getting 6000 rs pm but he has been paid only 2000 rs .The contract awarded to NIIT but NIIT has awarded this to  another sub contractor  at district level.

Does computer training going well in the school?  my answer is no ,does anybody care to answer this question? again my answer is no .
This is the situation of one school imagine the situation in more than 6000 schools where this programme being implemented?

II)                   Mid Day Meals:

1)      A flagship programme of central government and it has been largely claimed as successful
2)      Everything works as contracts in India. This midday meals scheme no exception to that. The Dwacra groups cook food for students on rotation basis .May be one month or 2 months or it depends on the equation with the local leader .
3)      The food is lowest quality and even rats can’t take the risk of eating it …unfortunately the poor students who can’t afford to go to their homes because they might not get food in the home had to eat substandard food .Yet nobody was there to take responsibility.

Having seen two big schemes at the ground level  I am sure this RTE would become another looting festival .The act is good ,drafting is good but implementation ?

The AP RTE rule clearly says that weaker section means whose annual Income does not exceed 60,000 rs  ,if you know the route you will get the income certificate for few bucks .Remember one thing top 10 rich people in the Warangal district are BPL card holders .



Saturday, August 6, 2011

why indian media is blind ?

There are more than 14 news channels and 10 news papers in Andhra Pradesh ignored to report the rhetoric speech of an elected representative of a Political Party.And no need to tell about the national media .is it deliberate attempt not to report this incident ? or is it out of fear? or is it as usual biased reporting ?

As some body said in twitter I react when other "religions idiocy quotient surpassed my tolerant quotient". When subramanya swami wrote a column in DNA the liberals and media created hue and cry ,but my simple question to them is what were they doing when elected representative of a party delivers rhetoric speech in a religious place (sacred place).

This is a tip of ice burg .The elected representative made speeches and aroused religious passions many times in the past as well but this time he just survived from a brutal attack and had many surgeries on his body.I thought he would speak as reformed person and develops his constituency.But my anticipation proved wrong after listening to the speech he made in a masjid that to in a ramjan month.(attached you tube video)

My straight question to the media is why double standards ? what happened to the professional journalism in this country ? will we see impartial reporting i this country?

If you have patience listen to the video into-to other wise listen from min40 to the min 60-

" We ruled this country for 100s of years ,tajmahal,charminar and others are symbol of our history...but we are still poor ....look at the world ...struggling in palestina,syria and other countries ....he went on spoke about Muslims struggle in other countries " then he spoke about Narendra Modi,BJP and rss and warned the Muslims that if BJP comes to power they will destroy 3000 masjids and they don't allow us to live peacefully." in the last 5 minutes of his speech he indirectly warned hindus as well.

My only point is whats the need of speaking about bjp and rss and modi in the Masjid ? his family has been ruling old city of hyderabad since 1950s .And who stopped him to develop old city ? instead of developing old city he has been involving in arousing religious passions against Hindus.

You please listen to the video and decide his kind of politics and media ignorance of truth

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seminar on :The fai case shadow lobbying in America Unveiled

When intellectuals speak on a national issue it gives you ample information than indian media..surely not talking about liberal intellectuals

Today I have atteneded a seminar on recent issue of Gulam Nabi Fai the topic is "The fai case shadow lobbying in America Unvieled".The seminar attended by Sri Padmanabaiah IAS(retd),he is a former home secretary and he was instrumental in brining peace agreement between Indain govt and Naga sepeartists .

Sri Pamarthy Venkata Ramana a supreme court lawyer and Ramesh babu K, asst professor OUCIP , Rahul Razdan a kashmiri pandit are the other guests

The seminar has started with reciting of full Vandemataram

A Kashmiri pandit intorduced the guests to the audience and the first speaker was Padmanabaiah

1) First speaker was Padmnabaiah garu
 with his vast experience as former home secretary Padmanabaiah spoke eruditely on Gulam Nabi fai and his links with ISI
 , He said subject of Gulam Nabi fai seems to be simple but it is a grave concern to the entire nation, he has given the historical information on the organization called Kashmiri American council
 Kashmiri American Council /Kashmir Center founded by Zaheer Ahmed in 1980 where gulam nabi Fai is the executive director
 How Gulam nabi fai –directly funded by ISI..every year Gulam Nabi fai submits his plan of action to ISI about forth coming year
 ISI approves it and sends cash to Americans ,called as extra donors and they are closely knit people who further cheques to Gulam nabi fai
 Americans have tremendous amount of evidence on Gulam nabi fai ,they got it by intercepting his emails and records of immigration, in 2007 they cautioned him
 America (FBI) charge sheet named four ISI people who are currently working at High level positions
 The plan of action in the year 2000 reveals Fai’s motive –
• Persuade USA against India on Kashmir issue and offset Indian lobby
• Capture media attention –create lavish, extravagant conferences and invite Indian intellectuals to talk about Kashmir and the names of the Indian intellectuals will be chosen by ISI itself.ISI directed which Indians should be attended the meetings
 Fai has conducted seminars across the world and very active in 40 countries he has done a PHD in mass communications, and wrote many articles on Kashmir with anti Indian stance in top news papers like new York times and others
 Lessons India needs to learn from this
• Indian government is a soft state and it should overhaul its foreign affairs
• We have some of the best talent in the world in the area Information technology ,and we have the best intelligence officers but lacking political will
• We failed to convince the world on Kashmir issue ,we have failed to counter the ISI s propaganda on Kashmir
• Part of failure is lies in bureaucracy ,and in political class
• US agreed that pak is the epicenter of terrorism because of 9/11 attack not because of Indian persuasion. And USA agreed that Kashmir issue should not be brought to UN this is because of 9/11
• How do we know that PAK is not sending money to india.Huriyat get main funding from Pakistan itself everybody knows this
• Huriyat leaders openly takes anti india stance and get funded by Pak..
• Many Fai s are there in India ,why Indian government is not taking action on any of them
• India lacks consistent in foreign policy ,one day we talk about peace talks and another day we talk about terrorism
• People(journalists) attended the seminar should not have talked about anti India .Either they should have projected Indias image or they should have just listened to them.These liberals lending credibility to the seminars by taking anti india stance

He also spoke on FCRA act and its latest amendments to it ,on the whole India is a soft nation lacks consistency on foreign policy and not at all pro active

2)The next speaker a Supreme Court lawyer Pamarthi venkata ramana spoke eloquently on
• Media dissemination of information
• In 2001 us passed an act which allows them to intercept emails also
• Spoke about history of Kashmir and Nizams and inconsistent laws made by Pandit Nehru
• We have an outdated foreign policy ,we have media which blames every part of society and how media gets funded from foreign countries and yet they can escape from law
• We should have strong anti money laundering agencies and acts
• And we should have a national policy on Kashmir ,why every act is applicable in entire India except Kashmir
• 3 organizations similar to that of fai are there in USA
• Lobbying is legal in usa
• Spoke at length about Indian laws and improvement

3) The next speaker was Rahul Razdan

He spoke about how huriyat gets funded by ISI and how Indian government and people are mute spectators to the incidents, why we are a not proactive ?Fai and ISI links are well known to everybody why Indian intelligence unable to stop the intellectuals to attend the anti india seminars. who is culprit?
And spoke about ISI links with Geelani and the sufferings of Kashmir pundits are gradually spreading across India. And people should realize that one day or the other we need wake from our deep slumber. The nation must awake on the Fai and ISI link issue .He spoke how ISI is spreading its tentacles from Kashmir to Kerala.

4) The last speaker was Ramesh an asst professor in OUCIP and part of indo Israel work group, studied extensively on Israel’s counter terrorism policy

He questioned the Indian public on their reaction to terrorism and Pakistan links to it ,his spoke with emotion and did raise valid points on Indias weakness in counter terrorism. Why we are not proactive this is the valid question raised by the scholar
He has told the audience that we should not think about India and Pakistan we should also ponder over USA ,PAK china links as well .he cautioned the nation and asked them to think deeply on the issues which are really dangerous .

The seminar ended with vote of thanks and national anthem .I can say this seminar is an intellectual enlightenment and left the seminar hall with the sigh of happiness and thanks to Social cause and its team for conducting this programme.And we as a nation must support Kashmiri Pandits ……they were thrown out from their mother land 20 years back …and yet India as a nation could not do anything on the Kashmir issue

Monday, September 6, 2010

Real Information

This has happened long back ....After watching a discussion in NDTV and one of the panelists found to be MIM MP Owaisi .Shockingly Barkha mentioned him saheb and given too much preference .I am not an active blogger but today I have decided to provide facts on MIM and it leaders please read it

1) MIM party established in the year 1927 the main motto was "the ruler and throne (Nizam) are symbols of the political and cultural rights of the Muslim community... (and) this status must continue forever" ....

2) Kasim Rizvi a majlis leader created a razakars (1,50,000 volunteers) to defend Nizams rule and defend the independence of muslim state from merger with Indian union

3) Kasim Razwi and his team unleashed unparalleled violence against Hindus ,They raped hindu women ,murdered and looted Hindus in the Hyderabad province(now Telangana region)

4) MIM banned in 1948 ,and its party's constitution has been rewritten according to provisions of Indian constitution .

The History of elected representatives of MIM

1) MIM MLA Afsar Khan attacked a Junior medico of Nilofur hospital in December 2007

2)And same Afsar Khan was one among the MLAs who attacked Taslima Nasreen and below are the videos and photos

They attacked Taslima and others publicly but no cases

MIMs attack on Taslima

3) Same MLA stopped the traffic in Abids a busy center in Hyderabad for 5 hours with his Gun and the gun is visible in the below photo

4) The MLA of MIM ransacked
Archeological Survey of India (ASI) office at Sultan Bazar ,Hyderabad when officials were trying to remove encroachments at Golconda fort

5) MIM Mla Afsar Khan slapped a Constable in April 2010 ...there are many cases on him but Government is not in a position to take any action

6)MIM s president Assaduddin Owaisi openly threatened the then DGP Mohanty

7)Criminal charges details on Barkha Saheb Source :

Serial Name State/Dist Constituency Party Age
1 Asaduddin Owaisi ANDHRA PRADESH Hyderabad AIMIM 41
Serious IPC Frequency Table Cases (Accused)
1. IPC Sections -
Serious IPC Sections Number of Times they appear for this candidate 2. IPC Sections - 147,427,109,114,295,153A,149 , Other Details - Sec 3 & 4 of PDP
153A 2 3. IPC Sections -
324 1 4. IPC Sections -
295 1
295A 1
Total 5
IPC Section Description
109 Punishment of abetment if the act abetted is committed in consequence, and where no express provision is made for its punishment
114 Abettor present when offence is committed
147 rioting
148 Rioting, armed with deadly weapon
149 Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common object
153A Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony
186 Obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions
290 public nuisance in cases not otherwise provided for
295 Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class
295A Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs
324 Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means
341 wrongful restraint

8) MIM doesn't allow the Goverment to developold city of Hyderabad.And shamelessly the Congress government will not move a brick with out the approval of MIM

9) MIM totally ruined the old city of Hyderabad.Govt sanctioned 450 cr for the development of the old city areas but the result is zero

10) There are number cases pending on MIM leaders they are the real culprits yet the Governments lacks the guts to contain MIM in old city

11) we can write a book on MIM ...they are the real rulers of old city ...the Govt will not move an inch with their approval ....

12) I ask the congress govt associating with MIM is secularism ?
from the apointment of the police officers to the political appointments the MIM has to give permission to Congress .