Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Is Right to education  a goal to improve education system or will  it become another looting festival   - Part 1

I would like to share few experiences with you, the statistics provided by the government are far from truth at least on education, upholding the constitutional validity of the”Right to education as the fundamental right” is indeed a welcome step towards betterment of elementary education in the country but there are more questions than answers ,the government education system collapsing beyond repair ,it needs revolutionary push.

Visiting nearby government school would give you first hand information than what media reports. They deprived of proper toilets, no drinking water and the lethargic system welcomes you with closed minds .There are good teachers too who are ready to work for the betterment but they are in minority.

I had a chance of visiting my village high school and I was astonished to see the basic conditions, nothing has improved since my childhood. There are no toilets in the schools open defecation is what pupil are following, lady teachers are visiting nearby houses to attend their nature calls.

Good play ground welcomes you with few trees and reminds you of golden age of school days and the building looked like oldest in the lot and no water connection available, the attender  brings water in a pot don’t ask about the quality of the water  this hasn’t changed since my schooldays. My fundamental question is whether this RTE would improve the basic conditions in government school s? what happened to all schools ,inspite of supreme court order on construction of toilets nothing is moving at the ground level. Even ants can move faster than these Grampanchyats .The system needs greater positive movement.

Everybody talking about 25% quota in private schools but this RTE act also contains improving basic facilities in government schools .By looking at the history of any scheme would make me or you pessimist.

How various schemes are being implemented at the ground level?


There are no basic facilities in the government schools but there are more than 6000 schools in Andhra Pradesh equipped with computers.
1)      There are more than 6000 schools equipped with computers in Andhra Pradesh, seven major companies got contracts..including NIIT,Educom   etc
2)      The cost per school is more than 6,70,000 it includes 10 pcs a generator and internet, software etc it includes total computer lab cost
3)      Other  cost 1,40,000 rs  and also 2 trainers should be available to train students and teachers
4)      The headmaster of the Government school gets 600 pm as cost of diesel for running generator
5)      Every Government school headmaster has 3 bank accounts and the government credits 40000 rs to the Headmaster’s account towards miscellaneous expenditure
6)      More than 12 hrs power cut in villages , it means no power when students are in the schools

The school which I have visited (not only 1 school- I have visited few schools), the computer lab with full of dust and no proper maintenance is evident, there are more than 10 computers available but only 2 CPUs are working properly . I questioned the trainer what about the other CPUS?  he told that they are connected to a server which is 60 km away from that village, how can a system can be connected to a server without CPU that to 60 km away from the computer lab?. There is a big generator but it is not working 

As per the government norms the trainer should be graduate and should have at least PGDCA but this trainer appearing for Bcom 2nd year exams. As per the norms he should be getting 6000 rs pm but he has been paid only 2000 rs .The contract awarded to NIIT but NIIT has awarded this to  another sub contractor  at district level.

Does computer training going well in the school?  my answer is no ,does anybody care to answer this question? again my answer is no .
This is the situation of one school imagine the situation in more than 6000 schools where this programme being implemented?

II)                   Mid Day Meals:

1)      A flagship programme of central government and it has been largely claimed as successful
2)      Everything works as contracts in India. This midday meals scheme no exception to that. The Dwacra groups cook food for students on rotation basis .May be one month or 2 months or it depends on the equation with the local leader .
3)      The food is lowest quality and even rats can’t take the risk of eating it …unfortunately the poor students who can’t afford to go to their homes because they might not get food in the home had to eat substandard food .Yet nobody was there to take responsibility.

Having seen two big schemes at the ground level  I am sure this RTE would become another looting festival .The act is good ,drafting is good but implementation ?

The AP RTE rule clearly says that weaker section means whose annual Income does not exceed 60,000 rs  ,if you know the route you will get the income certificate for few bucks .Remember one thing top 10 rich people in the Warangal district are BPL card holders .